Best e-commerce hosting for small business


Starting up a small business could be very challenging if you don’t use the right platform or you don’t have enough capital to start up the business. As a young business owner, you need to have an online store if you want that business to grow and prosper.

There are a lot of business host website builders out there, but not all offer that quality service that you desire. Some of them could even drain your account before you get that store online. Below, I will give you the best e-commerce website builders for small businesses. They are as follows:

1.    Wix

Wix e-commerce platform is one of the best of the top three e-commerce platforms to grow your business. It is very dependable and helps small businesses to expand. Although, it still got issues that need to be worked on. Wix is a very popular e-commerce site due to its outstanding characteristics like design, easy use, and its value for money.

I highly recommend this site builder for beginners since it has produced lots of results.

2.    Shopify

Shopify is the best platform for trading of goods and services. Over the years it has recorded the best trading platform globally. It has a very large powerful app market that builds a lot of business that would have fallen a long time ago if not for it.

It makes you as the seller to be comfortable without fear of the unknown. It alerts you when there is an immediate issue like a particular product being out of the market. This website is designed mainly to build your business. It’s the people’s choice of the best e-commerce platform.

If you’re looking for ways to expand or grow your business, visit Shopify and you will share your testimony in a short while and be among the crowd that supports it.

3.    Squarespace

This is the last of the top 3 e-commerce website platforms for businesses. It is very flexible and wide in the sense that it helps to share your business across different social platforms. It’s creative in that it gives you outstanding insights that you couldn’t have thought of.

Like the first two platforms, it has some deficiencies which are it’s payment options, there are few, for example, PayPal. In design, it is top-notch and I highly recommend it for small scale businesses that want to grow. In less than a month, you will start seeing outstanding results because it makes your store glow.

4.    Bigcommerce

I’m sure that before now, you would have heard of bigcommerce. It is very common and popular like Shopify because it has helped a lot of small businesses grow beyond their wildest imaginations.

Its results are awesome but it doesn’t make it easy for you as a beginner or small business owner. It takes quite a time for your store to be established, but after that time you begin to enjoy it to the fullest.

Another important characteristic is that it allows you to sell across various channels like Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. A very good way to expand your business.

5.    Big cartel

A very unique characteristic of a big cartel website building platform is that it allows you trade for free, Unlike other e-commerce sites that you ought to pay first before anything. Surely, because of this, I rate it amongst my top 5 e-commerce websites for small scale businesses. When beginners start this way, it encourages them and makes them be at rest. It has big disadvantages like the design which is quite poor and its usability, which is also difficult.


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