Best E-Commerce Platform for 2020


All what you Need to Know about the best E-Commerce Platform for 2020

    The best E-commerce Platforms represent nowadays a great share of the World Wide Web. The reason is pretty obvious: this kind of platforms revolutionized the selling industry and took it to a whole new different level where every purchase can be done with a click of a button or even be automated. Yet, it seems fair to highlight that not every e-commerce platform is worth considering, and with the coming of the year 2020, this particular industry will witness even more competition in order to monopolize the trade for their favor and earn more money as a result.

But the real questions are: what if you ever wanted to have your own e-commerce web-store? What would it take for the platform to shine and rise among the rest? Can a new platform be up to the competition of the new decade?

In order to answer these questions and give you a wholistic knowledge about what it takes for the best e-commerce platform to shine in the modern era, we will discuss today the requirements of the best e-commerce platform for 2020.

So, whether the platform is a b2b one, a dropshipping one, located in Europe or in any other corner of the world, and even if you are a complete beginner, we will show you today the necessities and rules that you need to abide to if you ever wanted to have or choose an amazing e-commerce platform.

Now, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it:

  1. Modern and Appealing Design:

     We have almost finished a quarter of the 21st century, and if there is one thing that we would all agree about, it would be that: modern designs attract more people, and more people mean more money. A modern design is especially necessary for the best ecommerce platform in 2020

You need to have in mind that this is not the middle ages, we are living in a world of colors, a world where talented designers are highly valued, and for a reason of course. Appealing designs give a fresh feel to the clients and urge them to consider visiting a particular store or a particular website, and once they’re in, the likelihood that they will purchase something will increase (which is the reason behind creating the best e-commerce platform in the first place).

This is why it is very crucial to put a lot of time in considering a particular design. Ask yourself questions like: is this a modern design that people will like? Does it stand among the rest? Does it urge the buyers to favor this platform among the rest?

Not only this, but you can even conduct surveys or ask for a user-test with a rating on a scale from 1 to 10, and if anyone gave you a rating under 10, you can ask for the reason why, so that you can develop it and make it better.

Make sure to consider the colors (energetic, or relaxing), the images, the text font, the size of the text, how the images and colors are combined and structured, and how the text is well separated. All these points contribute to the making of a design that attracts buyers and urge them to browse even more and hopefully consider buying.

Here’s an example of an appealing design for an e-commerce website designed with the Shopify platform. As you can see, this website fulfills all the requirements for a modern appealing design thanks to the tools of this amazing platform and its variety of choices:

  • Responsive Web Design:

     You should have in mind that the average smartphone user spends over 5 hours a day using his smart device. This is no strange thing since we carry our phones wherever we go and use them for almost all our needs, from a calling a friend, to taking a picture, and yes! To even buying goods online. This is why it is a must to have a web design that is responsive to both computers and smart devices.

You do not want to have an e-commerce website that becomes all messy and loses its personal touch if surfed through a smartphone, and this is why you need to use an e-commerce website builder that can satisfy this particular need, like Shopify for example. You must have a web design that is completely responsive in every bit, this includes responsive buttons, fluid scrolling, and all information need to appear as they do in the desktop version.

Here’s an example “a smartphone screenshot” of the same previous website which has been created using the tools of Shopify. Take a look at how the website is well-fit in the screen:

  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Checkout:

     The frustration created by a long checkout is massively destructive in a sense that it can cancel a good purchase of different elements in one second. Long, and also repetitive, checkouts make you lose customers and the worst part is that those customers could be potential loyal ones who would come for future purchases, but since the checkout is long, they won’t.

Bear in mind that the best internet stores in Europe and the US use e-commerce platforms that implement a fast checkout system with the possibility to fill out forms once and save payment information for any potential future use. It is so important to use platform builders such as Shopify in order to assure that the payment service is quick and easy to use in order to guarantee that the client will proceed to the checkout with complete ease and security.

  • Product Images and Necessary Information:

     No one would go into a website and attempt to buy something that they cannot see or have the necessary information about. This has not been deduced through in-depth research; this is simply called common sense.

You have to use an e-commerce platform that allows you to provide your product title with images and the necessary information: this includes a detailed description of the product, security information so that the client won’t be afraid of getting scammed, and most importantly, it should include clear statements of the refund policy.

Clients prefer to purchase goods that are a 100% clear and secure. This is why you need to use an e-commerce platform like Shopify which gives you a diverse range of options and a wide area for flexibility in order to put a major emphasis on clarity which will, as a result, generate sales.

     With that being said, we come to the end of our article. From the above points it seems fair to say that there are a lot of e-commerce platforms that can generate great good web-stores, but Shopify clearly beats them all. The variety of tools, the diversity of options, and the beauty of its designs really encourages every beginner and expert to use it and start their e-commerce career. So, make sure to give it a try.

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