It is equally surprising and obvious to see how the advent of the Internet has changed the way we do things, especially in business. The speed and reach of the Internet have played a fundamental role in the functioning of the economy in recent years. Its undeniable influence is incredible. From small businesses to large, sophisticated businesses, all businesses today have to incorporate that, that is, they sell more products and services through an online store.

The market on which you are growing exponentially and for such a large consumer group is very important in choosing the best e-business platform for your type of business. You are looking to create a site that will appeal to your type of customers. In addition, there are many different platforms at their prices. Choosing a platform is a daunting task. He wants to do it and wants to do it the first time.

Regardless of your experience, you have a great advantage by reading this article. It gives you tips and considerations to consider when choosing an online store platform. The main and most important features of any platform you will find are age, scalability, security, reliability, and support. Consider these aspects as their quality will determine your success in the future. Customers want to make sure that all their transactions with you are secure but as simple as possible. You must consider the different prices associated with each platform.

There are three types of best e-commerce platforms comparison that are common and widely used at the moment, and here is a summary of all.

Open-source e-commerce options

The main advantage of this solution is flexibility because it is not limited to coding rules, as in the case of software. The open-source shopping carts are like custom cars. You can design them according to your wishes. Of course, open-source systems are powerful and complete. In addition, they offer more flexibility.

Although open-source, it has a price. You can follow the use of this type of platform here. Open source solutions must be developed, which means more time, effort and possible costs. Another disappointment is that there are no free updates or support. If your site fails, you will find yourself in a difficult situation. You may want to think about how it will work.

To choosing the best hosted Ecommerce Platform Solutions

Hosting solutions bring you less headaches because you do not need to be a slave to technical operations to focus more on your business. Hosted solutions guarantee a fast start and a quick change. Here you will get reliability, scalability, continuous monitoring, and full support and, unlike open source solutions, free and automatic updates. As a system, it is more robust, so to speak.

By the way, when choosing a hosted solution, make sure your CISP provider is certified and listed on an approved visa list. If you want reliable service and avoid transaction problems, your name must be present.

In simple terms, hosted solutions are ideal for SMEs. In this way, you do not have to spend so much to invest in your own IT department. It’s a simpler and more affordable way to protect your sales without investing too much.

Licensed e-commerce solutions

The licensing solution is a combination of the two types of solutions mentioned above. This is where you get the flexibility that open source solutions can offer. You can also integrate third-party solutions as your business grows. This can be a very important tool for getting a place in a competitive market.

Most licensed e-commerce solutions generally cost less than the host solution, although the initial cost is higher.

The small problem is that you need to install with a licensed shopping cart that needs to be integrated with your site. To succeed, you need more than just basic skills and you have to paint according to the number of game plans. That is unless you are a web designer. Otherwise, it would not be a problem.

Finally, all you have to do is choose a platform that matches your criteria and your budget. Do not forget your business goals and choose features that will work well with them. Then you can start choosing the right e-commerce platform for your micro-enterprise.


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