How much does it take to start a Shopify store?


Starting a Shopify store is easy and straight to the point task for beginners and could affect your business in the long run.

Notwithstanding, the least amount that you can start with is nothing less than $29, while the maximum is $1,500. Although, there are 4 plans with their different specifics and requirements to start this Shopify store, these plans were set up to accommodate and please all clients.

Simple/Basic Shopify

This plan is set up for those with little capital to set up their Shopify store. It starts with a fee of $29. It seems cheap for some but it comes with an unavoidable high requirement processing fee of 2.9%. As you can see, this simple/basic Shopify plan doesn’t ask much and is quite ok for beginners.

As you start small, in due time, you will grow and move to bigger plans.


This is kind of a medium plan that will push your business to the next level in no time. This plan involves you using gift cards and less loss in abandoned products or carts. As the case may be, you will enjoy a lower processing fee of 2.6% in the future, unlike basic Shopify.

Progressed/Advanced Shopify

As the name sounds, it is a bigger Shopify start-up plan than the first two. It has a lower processing fee of 2.4%. Picking this plan signifies that you are an already made business company that is planning to expand the business to a greater realm.

When you use the plan to set up your store, customers will be able to see the cost immediately in the cart unlike the others thereby preventing cart abandonment. Choosing this plan for a big company is highly recommended since you would open new and fresher scales for the business.

Shopify plus

This is the highest of all, you sure will open this store with a sum amount of $1,500. There are a whole lot of benefits in choosing this plan like, access to scarce features, extremely low processing rates and protection from unwanted bans and slight store issues.


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