How to build a Shopify store 2020


How to build a Shopify Store 2020 is a question that is mentioned a lot. We have come forward with a guide that will help you build your own Shopify store easily. Firstly, making a Shopify store is not a hard job to do. You can create your store without the help of any developer. Interestingly, Shopify gives free access for the first 14 days to all the new users. After the free period, it charges 29$ per month on a basic package. You can start with a Gmail account that is free for everyone on Google.

Below is a detailed step by step note on how to build a Shopify store 2020

1. Signup to Shopify

This is the first stage to start your Shopify journey. Go to and enter your email address in the given space. Verify your email before clicking on ” Start Free Trial”.

In the next step choose your Shopify store name and Press “Enter”. Also, please be informed that your Shopify store name must be unique. This is to prevent using a name that is already taken by other Shopify users. Because two businesses with similar names will eventually create a lot of confusion. Then, you will come across similar pages asking about your store’s nature and your personal information. Fill all the blanks carefully and complete the setup. 

After filling the required forms, the following home screen will appear. 

2. Start setting up your Shopify Store

Now it is time to set up your dream Shopify store. The home screen is the main admin screen you will see each time when you visit your Shopify store. It has your current plan information and some useful tools at the left-hand sidebar.

3. Choose a Theme for your Shopify Store

Shopify has a list of professional yet interesting themes that you can use to give Shopify store your desired look. Also, you can filter the list by paid or free themes. Furthermore, for simple store setup, you don’t require any coding skills. But, you might have to take the help of a professional developer depending on the customizations you need.

Shopify has a team of developers called “Shopify Experts” and they are ready to help you out any time you need. You can hire one of them and ask for your required modifications. It can surely not get simpler than that. 

4. Set your Logo and Website Name

After choosing and applying your desired theme you can set your logo and website name. Not just that, you can also edit the header and footer if you want. Simply click on “customize the theme” and you will be directed to a new page where you can choose from any of the available options.

Some of the very common available options are 

  1. Upload logo
  2. Upload slides to a homepage carousel
  3. Add some item functionality to product pages
  4. Choose desired items to appear in collection pages
  5. Color
  6. Font

 5. Add some Apps

The plugins used in the Shopify store are called apps. You can add some useful apps to your Shopify store and make it a semi-automated website. Some of the popular apps for Shopify stores are

  1. Oberlo
  2. Facebook Messenger Marketing
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Kit

and many more…

6. Add products to your store

Now the final step is to add some products to your store. “Oberlo” is the best app that will help you add quick products from “Aliexpress” to your store. To use this app, simply install it and you will be able to import products from Aliexpress to your Shopify store.

Now you are all set and can bring some traffic to your store to get some sales. For instant and targeted traffic you can use Facebook or Bing ads. 


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