How to launch your Shopify store


Launching your Shopify store is very pivotal to your success in the e-commerce business. It is not a hard process, you’ve just got to follow some few processes. Earlier in this article, I gave you the sign-in tips that must be completed before you take your store live.

Below, I will give you all phase that must be followed before launching;

1.    General: This section contains all store details that must be completed before going to the other areas of concern.

2.    Taxes: This section is filled to know how taxes would be changed in the future and in due time.

3.    Sales channel: Set up the channels you would use to sell your products and services. They should be well-renowned channels that you know will produce results from the moment of launch.

4.    Payment providers: This is an important section that must be filled with all carefulness to avoid money going to the wrong beneficiary and from the right source

5.    Locations: This forum should be set up and managed in such a way to convince more clients visiting you. Design it uniquely for easy access to your store and products available

6.    Accounts: Manage your account for recognition purposes, contracting and payment.

7.    Billing: This stage is also important for you going live, as you could be in a situation where only your billing information criteria would be together.

8.    Shipping: This is one of the most important parts if not an important part of your launching procedure. Being new to the system could be challenging when you’re not tutored or directed on how to go through it.

For a good sale of products, you need to widen your shipping rates and options. Set the shipping option according to the value of the product in the modern market.

9.    Cross-check your work: Go through what you’ve done especially the part of payment option and be very sure of all fillings so you there won’t be cause for alarm later on.

When you’re sure of your launching set up processes, you can go ahead to clicking proceed or summit, congrats you’re life and ready to succeed.

How to pick a Shopify store name

The naming of your brand or store is very important in the success of your business. Your name defines your purpose, aim and what should be expected from you. So, when choosing a name for your store, you ought to be very careful so you can stand out from the crowd in your success story.

1.    Make it simple and precise

Make your Shopify store name simple and precise. Of course, you will need to buy a domain name which is sometimes difficult, so you’ve got to be careful so you won’t choose something that will be difficult for your customers to spell and remember to search. I advise you to go with a maximum of three words with no numbers so you can be easily searched on websites.

2.    Find a keyword that defines your field or products/service

This is could also be challenging, but remember, it’s all for a common goal, success. Think and search for things that match your products and services. When you’ve found names, try and merge them so it won’t clash with already taken domain names.

Make it catchy and unique, as you would enjoy the effect later on. The importance of this is that when clients search your name online, it will pop up immediately without issues.

When all seems not to be work, go to Shopify’s own business and domain name generator that would suggest names for you to the best of your advantage. Just type your keywords and product field.


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