How to open a store on Shopify


Shopify is your biggest opportunity to run a successful business. It is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Starting your journey on the platform is really simple and easy. But the real question is how to open a store on Shopify? And, the best way to do it is by taking the 14-day free trial that will cost you 0$ but can earn you a lot. All you have to do is to find your business the name of your choice and buy a domain. Shopify will provide you free tools to create your brand. The platform helps you from your very first step to the first sale and follows you until you become a big name. Hundreds of thousands of people have become successful on this ecommerce platform. But, this success doesn’t come overnight.

The universal rule for success is that there are no shortcuts. Similarly, with Shopify, you have to start with the very basics and find your way up to the top. Once you are up there with the rest, you can sit back and rely on this wonderful opportunity for times to come. Having said that, “how to open a store on Shopify?” still feels like a mystery to many people.

Don’t worry, we have come forward with a very simple yet reliable guide on how to open a Shopify store step by step. This simple process can do wonders if you are passionate enough to succeed. 

Pick a name

Picking a name for your business should be nice and steady. You can always ask for help online or look for the best possible yet simple name that can attract masses. Anything random or simple can click. Still, if you are hesitant to choose the name yourself, you can always ask “Business Name Generator” for help. 

Register on Shopify for free 

What used to be hectic, expensive and tough in the old days has become very simple, cheaper and easy. On top of that, registering on Shopify is quick and very effective. Hundreds of thousands of people have made a name for themselves and you can be next. 

All you have to do is to go on and click on the start your free trial option. Shopify will take care of all the setups and coding. 

Choose a theme

There is a complete store on Shopify that is all about themes. Interestingly, there are plenty of free options. Choose any of those and click on Start with this theme option.  Pro tip, the most popular selections are the themes with the name Simple and Supply. Also, you can go to the theme store anytime and do the changes or customizations you need. The themes are all well-made but it’s always good to know the changes you can make, isn’t it? 


The first thing anyone sees in any brand or store is the logo. An attractive and meaningful logo can attract people towards your store. Not just that, once attracted, your buyers are most likely going to visit your store again. This will eventually increase your sales and success ratio. Big companies pay hundreds of dollars only to get a good logo. But, you can do that free as well. 

Add information 

The most important part of setting an online store is to provide all the important details. This will not only make people know your brand better but also help them trust it more. The most important pieces of information are the Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Return & Exchange Policy, Shipping Policy, Delivery information, and the Terms & Conditions. You can easily add a page by visiting the “Pages” option on the “Online Store” and clicking “Add Page”.  

Add Payment Method

To start making money, you should add a payment method. But, make sure the method is trustworthy all around the world. Having said that, Shopify offers Shopify payments on the platform that helps you charge money.

The next important steps are to decide on shipping rates and adjust settings. Also, you need to add your billing information. Choose your suppliers and you are good to go. We hope this “how to open a Shopify store step by step” guide helps you succeed with your business.


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