How to open your Shopify account


Are you a product seller and want to sell your goods online? Are you interested in opening an online store where the buyers may buy your product? Do you want to know how to open your Shopify account? Surely you will be interested in learning how to open your own Shopify account. Shopify is an online shopping website where you can sell your products. If you have an excellent product, and you want to sell it online, you want to offer your product to a variety of customers online. Just go through this article, and you will surely learn how to open your Shopify account. You don’t need to have much skill and experience to start your Shopify account. You don’t require a web developer to open your Shopify account.

There are two primary options for you to start your online selling. You may either sign up for Shopify eCommerce service or use WordPress woo-commerce plug-in to begin selling online.

How to sign up for Shopify account?

You need to visit the Shopify website Here you will use the sign up form. You must enter your details and click the Start free trial button.

You must choose a unique name for your store. After the initial process, you will have to enter a few more details. It includes your name, residential address, country and contact information.

You will be asked a question about your products and what you want to sell. If you are signing up to see how to sign up for Shopify account, you will choose the option; I am just playing around. Do you have the product? Section. And I am not sure. In what will you sell? Section.

When you have completed this tab, you need to click, and I am done.

Set up your online Shopify shop

Now you are ready to set up your store admin panel. You will be directed to the store admin screen. Here you can start to customize your store. It is the most important task, that you will perform after signing up. You need to start uploading your products and set up payment and shipping methods. But how to do it? You will learn how to set up your Shopify account here.

Choosing a layout

A good thing about Shopify is, that it has its own theme store. These themes are customized according to your needs and requirements. They have full support from designers which makes your store even more amazing.

You can modify your themes without having to touch a line of code. There are different plans for you. You may get more modifications with premium themes. But you can also give your site an excellent display with free themes.

You can make a wholesale modification to your themes, but for this purpose, you need to access the HTML and CSS. You can modify the themes even if you are not a developer and don’t know about coding. You do not need to have any experience. You may call Shopify experts, and they will customize your store for you.

Edit setting

After you have set up a theme, you can go to change smaller settings. Though Shopify themes allow you to change the appearance of your store, you may further adjust the appearance like the colors or the font. There are a lot of options to achieve your personal look.

Adding products to the store

You need to navigate the bar on the left and choose “Products”. Here you will see a blue “Add a product button”. Select this, and in the screen, you are directed to add the details of your product. It will help with SEO optimization, so you need to use keywords which help you get more exposure. Enter the name, description and URL. You need to add as many details as possible. Here you add the information required to inform your customers about what you are selling.

You also upload your items and pictures for the items. After you have uploaded your photos, you can rearrange them according to your priorities.

Payment gateways

Payment information and portal is a necessary thing to add. It allows you to get your payments from customers. You need to set it with the utmost care. You need to add the prices and commission. Payment gateways are not created equally. There are a lot of things you need to know when choosing the right gateway for your products and sales.

Do following steps to test your order system

  • Go to store Admin and click setting, then choose payments and go to payment settings.
  • Deactivate your credit card if you have enabled it. For this purpose, click edit and then deactivate. Confirm deactivation.
  • Scroll to credit cards section, select a credit card gateway, and it will open a dropdown menu.
  • Here go to other and then click bogus gateway.
  • Click activate
  • Now you will be redirected to your storefront. You need to place an order as a customer. Enter bogus credit card details instead of genuine numbers.

In this way, you may get insights about your store. Now you may start selling.


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