How to set up a Shopify store 2020


A lot of Physical stores are going off and must close their stores.

Why is this happening? Many shops are using old systems and can’t compete with the newer e-commerce platforms. People are getting much busier because of their old systems. But now there are fresh online shops with affordable plans and prices. One of these new online shops is Shopify. It is becoming the dominant player in the world of e-commerce. It is the perfect choice for beginners. You won’t need specialized skills to run a Shopify store. You just create a store and start selling your products. Anyone can learn how to set up a Shopify store in 2020.

Most beginners don’t know how to create a good Shopify store. Here in this article, you will get a complete instruction about how to create a professional Shopify store.

Why Shopify

There are plenty of alternatives for Shopify. Some are specialized, and some are general. Woo-commerce, Etsy; Amazon and eBay are other online stores. But Shopify is perfect for a beginner. Shopify has some advantages and points over other platforms:

  • It is simple and easy to set up.
  • You can describe your products well. It can be optimized for SEO purpose with the engaging keyword.
  • Others are extensions of leading stores while Shopify is itself a store
  • Shopify is 100% yours. You can set it up and brand it.
  • A lot of business runs through Shopify.
  • It is an official store.

But the question is how to create a professional Shopify store.

In the beginning stage, you don’t need to hire a Shopify expert. In the future, if there is some complexity, you are still able to hire one. Now it is time to go to set up a Shopify store.

Go to Shopify home page. Click the button Get Started at the top of the screen.

It will take you to a simple form. Here you need to enter your email, password and store name.

Please note a few things.

 It is a good security practice to choose a strong password. When your Shopify goes online and runs, you will want to keep you and your customer information secure. It is better that you set up a two-step authentication method.

When you have entered all the details, you should start creating your store. Click on Create your store to give life to your store. You will have to wait for a few moments to initialize.

How+to+set+up+Shopify (1).png

After the initial set up, you have to fill out some more details about yourself. Enter all the details. Shopify keeps your contact details secure. So don’t worry and provide authentic information. If you are setting up your store, don’t check the last box. It is for expert developers who are creating an account for businesses.


Now add an address. It is for billing. Shopify wants you to be accountable. It makes your Shopify store more trustworthy. Please be sure to get all the information’s right so your store wont be set back because of false information’s.

Once you have entered your address, you will find yourself on the home page of your store. It is your admin page. You control your entire store from here. It may be termed as the control hub of your Shopify store. Now you can customize your Shopify store according to your requirements.

Congratulations- you are now the proud owner of a Shopify store. You have taken your first flight in the world of e-commerce.

Shopify Home Page

Here is a run-down of the things you need to get to know when setting up a Shopify store. 

Search bar– it helps you navigate your different parts of your store. You may search in the search bar.

Navigation Menu– here you find the essential things you need. You may track orders, view products and sale record. You should get familiarized with this page when you make your store. You may return to the home page by clicking on Home.

Add products– in add product you may create products and their variations you are selling.

Customize theme- here you may customize the layout and appearance of your store. You may use a Shopify theme and customize it.

Setting- here, you may set your account. You may change the setting. Even you may change your store name.

Change Shopify plan– you need to select a payment plan when you set up your Shopify store. You have to pay subscription fees. The basic strategy is $29 per month, and you must select this plan. You may choose a different plan when your store goes up.

Activity Log — See the changes you made to your store here.

Sales– here are insights about your sale, total sale and sale breakdown. It helps you to analyze your store performance.

Profile– you add your profile picture here, change your details, and improve privacy and security. It helps you to protect your store.

Making your store professional

How can you create and set up a professional Shopify store? Here are some details.

If you want to make your Shopify store professional, you must organize it correctly. There should be products in your store. Everything should be organized and well defined. It should be amazing and engaging. Don’t stay and look around. You should give a pleasant look to your store to engage the customers.

You should insert good product descriptions. SEO optimize your products. Keep in mind your customers are worldwide. You must make your store easier to find, so the customer comes and buys your product.

Set up the proper payment method. Titles and images should be stylish and fabulous. This is how to set up a professional Shopify store.


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