Top e-commerce market places


No genuine seller out there that is aiming for success would ever want to work in a market place that doesn’t help in building his/her business. Choosing the right market place or channel as we call it to advertise and sell your goods Is a great step to forwarding that business.

Buyers of this modern age do not visit market places that have less traffic because there feel the market place has nothing to offer them. So, the bigger the market, the greater your store grows. There are only a few of these markets out there which I would give you below.

1.    Amazon

Virtually everyone would have heard of the Amazon market place because it is very popular and renowned for its good works and services to its users out there.

It has been recorded that it has almost 5 million sellers and 195 million buyers online. Amazon’s way of conduct Is superb to the core. One example is the area of the prize of your commodity. They set the prize as the same amount of your similar product which would make shoppers clueless on which one has more quality. In the case of shipping your product to its target is taken care of by Amazon, you won’t have to stress yourself.  Amazon is the best market place to start your business and move it to the next level.

2.    e-Bay

This market place has given chance to new sellers who haven’t gone big to start up their business. It is the largest online market place for sellers mostly retailers.  It has an easy to access platform, you do not have to pass through long processes before you start marketing. Just sign up and run your business o the best of your advantage. This platform shows you products that get more attention which gets you to buy purchase and sells also.

3.    Walmart

This is one of the leading e-commerce websites. It has helped and expanded millions of the retailer’s business to the next level. So, there is no way it won’t be in the top 3 e-commerce market places.

Because of their high standards and what they’re capable of, you don’t just sign in casually and get started, you must be invited by the company. They are the most disciplined market place with rules to follow. AS far you can provide high customer service, set good prices, large products and can move their brand to the next level with your advertisement, you will surely be invited after application. Their commission fee has been 8-15% for a while now.

4.    Jet

Jet is one of the fast-rising brands in this list at present because of its exploits over the years. It was established in 2015, yet has a large number of followers including the sellers. It’s set up system is not that easy, but it’s worth it as you would benefit a lot after gaining entrance to the system.

Jet has a unique and interesting way of managing its market which has caught the eyes of many. They offer a kind of discount to the buyers which makes them (buyers) save more as they continue to buy. Mind you, the jet has been purchased by Walmart for an estimated fee of 3 billion which is mind-blowing.

5.    Etsy

Etsy is also a unique band out there with a different way of managing sales of the product. It is best for beginners or new sellers who don’t have a website and want to build their name.

In the selling cart section, it signifies the real seller’s product from their son the buyers would choose which is best for them. Etsy provides you the channel to maintain and grow your followers in their market up the stage to a stage that you seem ready to start your store. It is very easy to access from anywhere at any time, so feel free to visit and start your business.

6.    Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce market places. It is located in japan and its way of management is unique and something to learn from. This site gives you the freedom to set up your policies and changes to your store. Once registered, you will be given a store immediately.

This site helps customers that patronize them. These customers receive a particular percentage discount on products they would buy in the future after purchasing from them.

These above 6 market places are my top pick for an e-commerce market. I recommend that you go with at least one of them for a good beginning in your business story. They’ve all been tested and proven, so do the needful.


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